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China's domestic super drilling rig completes first mission

发布日期:2018-06-02     作者:新华网      编辑:郗琳     点击:

CHANGCHUN,June2(Xinhua)--Crust 1, a land-based drilling rig, concluded its first mission on Saturday, putting China among the frontrunners in onshore drilling, along with Germany and Russia.

The four-year mission Songke 2, drilled a 7,018-meter borehole -- the first in the world to pass through the continental stratum of the Cretaceous period -- in the Songliao Basin in northeast China.

Jointly developed by Jilin University and Sichuan-based Honghua Group, Crust 1 can dig as deep as 10,000 meters and is China's most advanced land-based drilling rig.

Plans are afoot to increase its drilling capability to up to 15,000 meters, according to Professor Sun Youhong, director of the Crust 1 project.

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